20+ Amazing Nailart You Can Try This Summer


Summer is time to go crazy with your nails. It is basically the holiday time where you can visit beaches and malls. Having the nails done beautifully is surely going to enhance the prettiness of your appearance. For summer, try to make water marble pattern nail art. Using the ripples of dark blue, ocean blue, and white can imitate the breeze of a beach right on your fingertips.

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If you do not want to get complicated on nail arts during summer, simply use decals and stickers to decorate the nails. They can be peeled off and applied to the nails so easily. They are available in summer-themed patterns, too, including the palm trees, suns, and many more. The final result? It is absolutely so dashing!

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When the summer time is so hot and distracting, you do not want to use brush to paint the nail as it takes high level of patience, which most people do not have throughout summer. Thankfully, method like sponge bobbing can be used to make beautiful nail art. It is like just dabbing a sponge into a blob of nail polish and then stamps it on the nail. They look incredibly beautiful and a kind of fun to do.

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