20+ Cute Casual Summer Outfits For Holiday


Summer is here! But as happy as you are for those warm, BBQ- inducing temperatures on the weekend, the minute Monday arrives, you find yourself almost wishing for a quick winter blast to roll through. (Almost.)

Longer days and warm weather means it’s time for another Who What Wear Australia 30-day wardrobe challenge. If this is your first rodeo, let us share with you the tradition we partake in with our readers (you!) every season. In order to help you put together some new-season looks, we compile a month’s worth of outfits for you to try over 30 days, with fresh ideas on how to incorporate the largest trends into your closet, and elevate classic pieces.

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It’s time to begin designing your summer beach outfits. Whether you are going on a beach vacation, beach date, or just spending a lazy listening to the waves crash on the shore. I’ve put together a long list of stylish and cute beach outfits that will give you some ideas for various beach events and activities so you will know what to wear to the beach!

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Beach outfits that are a bit fancy are nice for dates at the beach or beach events sort of a concert or evening cocktail gathering. Casual beach outfits are for those days when you want to go to the beach but not get into the water because you’re admiring it from afar. You could be enjoying a good book or just hanging out with friends. Then there are those cute beach outfits that you would wear at beaches in California walking the boardwalk in Santa Monica or Venice Beach.