20+ Cutest Casual Skirt Outfits For Women


There’s no doubt that mini skirts are a cute way to dress-up during cool season, and because girls and women are constantly looking for different ways to style their favorite pieces, I thought of showing you cute outfit ideas to help you wear mini skirts elegantly in Autumn. The photos I found are all of the best-dressed fashion bloggers on network, so, keep on reading and start taking notes!

Pair them with with statement heels or boots! Wearing a miniskirt may have you feel like you’ve just ransacked something out of a teenager’s wardrobe initially – not if you pair them with chunky boots or a great pair of statement heels. Choose high-waisted options! Forget the miniskirts that slung low on your hips (circa the ’90s); high-waisted mini skirts are definitely the way forward. Play around with different fabrics! Denim and animal skin minis are nice, but why not elevate the mini and opt for something more bold – like a glossy vinyl material? Dress it up with sophistication. You can create your skirt look stylish and grown-up. Take cues from the best streetstyle stars: opt for sophisticated prints, or pair a basic mini with a statement blazer and structured clutch. Ditch the low cuts for high necklines. Since you’re working with a high line with a skirt, contrast all that exposed leg action with a necked jumper or T-shirt, rather than something too low cut or plunging. Pointy shows all day. Pairing your micro mini with fancy point heels, flats or brogues can truly give the illusion that your legs are much longer than they actually are.

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