20+ Stunning Work Outfits With Blazer


When it comes to dressing for the office, putting together an outfit for every day of the week that’s somehow professional and stylish can be quite the challenge. Which is why we’re always here to supply you trendy and skilled outfit concepts. From outfit mixtures winning girls swear by to the below two-piece combination you’ll wear on repeat, endless office-wear inspiration is never a bad idea.

Dressing for summer weather is the best: Throw on a gauzy mini dress and sandals or a cute tank and denim cut-offs and just go! But dressing for summer weather when you spend your week in an office is not so great. There’s the challenge of finding an outfit that’s work-appropriate but that won’t have you drenched in sweat the moment you step outside. Then there’s the further dilemma of an office A/C that’s invariably set at full arctic blast. What can you wear to work in the summer that will satisfy all these seemingly incompatible style requirements? While ignoring your company’s dress code isn’t an option, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck being uncomfortable.

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Today we’re light one amongst our favourite extremely versatile outfits for the workplace (and for daily life, too): a blazer and jeans. There are endless ways that to vogue this classic combo, from adding a pair of statement shoes to the properquantity of accessories. Ahead, we’re serving you with 27 fresh ways to wear a blazer with jeans to work, for all your casual days at the office. Scroll down to get inspired by all the chic ways to style the timeless combination.

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