25 Lazy Day College Outfits


Chics come in all shapes, sizes, personalities and types. The lazy kind are people who want to remain within the PJs all day and simply relax. They do not wish to spend a lot time getting ready and putting too much energy into fashion. Such ladies still prefer to look smart, but in an easy manner. Lazy chics will wear a lot of cute outfits for Sunday brunch, birthday parties, office functions or lunchtime dates. What matters to these girls is high fashion and easy style. So for all the relaxed girls out there – here is a list of the most amazing fashion tricks every lazy girl Needs to know.

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You’re studying for finals. You’re busy packing up your belongings for the long winter break. And, of course, it’s cold outside and therefore just a tad bit harder to get out of bed in the morning. Because of this, having a few insanely comfortable outfits under your belt is more important than ever!
Of course, none of us enjoy leaving the house looking like slobs. Personally, I cringe each time I see somebody trekking across field in pajamas and Uggs, or grocery shopping in those silly baggy cut-off pirate sweatpants. Lucky for America, there are many outfits out there that are even as comfy as pajamas, however look a fewthousand-fold additional acceptable publicly.

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