25 Lazy Day School Outfits


Dressing nice for school is not nearly as important to teenagers as it once was. There are always a few kids who dress like they are at least trying to look good every now and then. However, the majority of the student population would say that they do not care about looking nice for school, but that is ok. These students perceive that lazy days are nice for big test days, however they additionally understand that lazy days shouldn’t be for everyday. When a comfortable day is necessary, but looking unkempt is not appealing, here are a few hints that will help students remain comfortable while not being completely lazy.

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I always tell myself that if I had afternoon classes, I would actually look presentable every day. When it comes to waking up for my morning classes, I always sleep until the last possible minute. I give myself just enough time to eat, brush my teeth and get to the bus. Picking out a cute outfit is the furthest thing from my mind. However, after searching my Pinterest feed, I have found that looking cute every day doesn’t require that much extra effort- especially if you lay out clothes the night before! Here are five outfits that are almost too easy to throw together for those lazy days.

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