25 perfect casual hairstyle for women


Fashion is not only about clothes, but also haircut. Usually, hair becomes the main problem when you want to go out. So, what kind of style that’s simple yet stunning? Whether for long or short hair, female or male, the simple hairstyles inspired by superstars are very powerful to add to your fashion performance. You do not need to spend lot money in salon since you can do it by yourself at home.

Start by recognizing the face shape and character of your hair. After that, change the hairstyle by adjusting your face. For example, for square face, it is good to try medium cut. However, if you have a round face, try the layer hairstyle to create a neat effect. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to change the hairdo, try coloring it to show the bolder, free and fun personality. Choose a color that matches the tone of your skin to keep it looking good yet not excessive. Besides cutting and coloring, you can try various accessories as finishing touch. It can be the hairpins, headbands or even hats. Choose one that you like most depending on your activity.
Aside of the trend, there are few other things to consider as well, like the face shape or hair texture. There are few exceptions of hairstyle that will suit all kind of face shapes. Bob cut, for example, can be flattering when adjusted to the face shape. It also can be adjusted for thin hair to look thicker or for thick hair to look softer. Another example is long layer style. It looks good on everyone and universally flattering. The length of the cut can also be altered according to the face shape and the thickness level of hair.

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