26 Stunning Dark Grunge Streetstyle


Grunge fashion emerged within the ’80s and reached peak quality within the ’90s. The look and elegance were a part of a broader subculture that was supported by the stain musical style. As such, musicians, like Kurt Cobain, were pioneers of the aesthetic, that featured a careless and rough-around-the-edges look. Although the design began as an anti-fashion statement, it quickly became thought and created its approach onto the runway. As such, the logos of stain, as well as significant layering, flannel shirts, Dr Martens, ripped denim, outsized silhouettes, beanies, and untidy sweaters were presently all over.

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In the past several years, grunge has seen a revival thanks to the championing of designers such as Hedi Slimane, who dedicated his A/W 13 Saint Laurent collection to the style, and the Olsen twins for their iconic plaid shirt and Starbucks coffee combo. But while the widespread popularity of grunge has continued to fluctuate since its birth in the ’90s, the truth is that it never really goes out of fashion. Everyone from fashion elite to street style stars still regularly recycle their leather jackets, plaid shirts and gothy dresses to recreate the trend in new ways. Reinventing the style now is easy, and you probably have a few of these staples lying around already. Taking inspiration from grunge trailblazers like Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss and Johnny Depp and Kurt Cobain, styling grunge now is simple.

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