30+ Stunning sneaker wear


Do not get us wrong: Heels have a time and place in the office, but we are partial to wearing sneakers whenever possible. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to know what to wear with a pair of tennis shoes if you don’t need to come off as overly casual, particularly at the office. Curious how to really pull off wearing sneakers to work? We have got you covered.

We found some easy power outfits that look great with sneakers (although they would be just as trendy with whatever footwear you choose). With these appearances, you can wear sneakers every day next week.

While skinny jeans appear suitable with heels and sandals, lots of individuals also wear this style of jeans with sneakers. Wearing sneakers with skinny jeans is acceptable, though the ideal sort of sneakers to wear would be those with thin soles because tight shoes can detract from the whole look. When wearing skinny jeans, you need to remember that since the pants are so tight, the sort of shoes you wear can improve your leg or make it look bulky.

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Choose a sneaker which has a low-profile, like a set of slip-on flats. Low-profile sneakers that slide onto the foot will create an illusion that the leg is more, since the footwear isn’t too overwhelming to the ensemble.

Avoid wearing sneakers with chunky or bulky bottoms, such as work boots or cross-trainers. Since the skinny jean is so tight, bigger shoes will make the whole foot appear bigger, and overpower your outfit.

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Old-school high tops increase the whole look and if you want a retro clothes fashion, high tops are a suitable option.

With a vast range of denim cuts and sneaks on the current market, who is to say which two styles are best suited to one another?

In the event of a voluminous jean, like wide-leg plants or a roomy trouser style, you will need a sneaker with weight for balance. A chunky”daddy” style or throwback legacy sneaker such as Reebok classics are our of-the-moment selections (Scandinavian It women are large proponents of these two styles).

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Think you have it? We pulled together a range of combinations to additional guide you, as exemplified by the always-savvy street fashion collection. Peruse the many different looks and shop our picks for re-creating each pairing by yourself.