30 Ways To Show Up Your Personality by Choosing the Right Hairstyle


If you are bored with your monotonous look, it is time to try something fresh to your hair. Do not be afraid to be judged because changing your hairstyle actually can reinforce your character. Well, below are some tips for you who want to change your hairstyle.

Start by recognizing the face shape and character of your hair. After that, change the hairstyle by adjusting your face. For example, for square face, it is good to try medium cut. However, if you have a round face, try the layer hairstyle to create a neat effect. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to change the hairdo, try coloring it to show the bolder, free and fun personality. Choose a color that matches the tone of your skin to keep it looking good yet not excessive.  Besides cutting and coloring, you can try various accessories as finishing touch. It can be the hairpins, headbands or even hats. Choose one that you like most depending on your activity.

You do not need to build a new personality; just try to reinforce various things but still showing your distinctive features. Your style reflects your personality. Remember, the most important thing is being confidence and comfortable with your hairstyle.