50 fashionable winter jacket for women


Our picks offer a range of styles, price points, size offerings and action levels. To start, make sure to buy a coat that is right for your requirements

You will also find down and feather combinations, which are usually more affordable, or down-alternative, which is made from synthetic fibers.

When shopping, you will want to check the fill power of this down: The greater the number, the more space the down takes up and the warmer it’ll be. We recommend looking for winter coats with a fill power of 550 or higher. Many manufacturers now use responsibly sourced down to make sure the birds aren’t force-fed or live-plucked. If you want a warranty, Search for certifications, like the Responsible Down Standard

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If you will need to dress up or do not like the appearance of a puffy coat, then consider one made with wool cloth. Start looking for nylon in the combinations — they are strong and will assist with the coats last for several years.

Remember: The fibers in the mix, the more likely the cloth is to pilling. Avoid coats with cloth that has more than three fibers mixed together. And if you’re looking for additional warmth, look closely at the layout: double-breasted and more fashions that match up all the way into the neck are perfect. Another thing to note: you will have to dry clean these fashions, because most wool coats aren’t machine washable.

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Whether sledding or skiing, you will want an active coat to your outdoor adventures. Nylon is frequently the most durable, but it is possible to find decent quality jackets made from polyester also. Search for styles which are lightweight and breathable. If you are going to be busy, the last thing you need is a thick coat weighing you down.

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Consider how warm you will want the coat to be; you might or might not wish to search for additional insulation. The jacket should also have flat, sealed seams to keep out water and layout details that block cold air, like drawstrings to snap or a flap over the zipper.